Japan is one from the most powerful industrial countries that competes intensely with the U.S.A and Europe. It is the third bigger economy in the world after the U.S.A and China since 2012. It has got a great industrial background and some of the largest and most technologically advanced ship builders and ship spare parts constructors are located in this country.

The multiannual presence of our company in Japan, confirms that we, at FRONT LINE Forwarding & Agency consider this country as a very significant area of our activity. Our local partner has been chosen to represent us in this area, as a company that meets the criteria of our high-quality standards. Its exemplary quality of organization and its dedication to providing first- rate service, are among the quality requirements that we, at FRONT LINE Forwarding & Agency have always sought for. The warehouses are located inside the international airports of Tokyo and Osaka and are certified as “BONDED WAREHOUSES”, where tons of spare parts can be stored for unlimited time.

Tokyo warehouses

Osaka warehouses