Delivery on board

“DELIVERY ON BOARD THE VESSEL” service is the last and most important step of actions in a ship’s supply. It demands absolute knowledge of the rules and laws that are applied in every port where a delivery is to be made.Timing and co-ordination of all the involved parties, such as the local authorities and services, is of the utmost importance for the successful completion of this service.

Each ship’s supply must be addressed as a separate and unique operation so as to examine all the special factors in the reduction of the overall cost. We, at “FRONT LINE Forwarding & Agency LTD” implicitly suggest that our company undertake to process all the stages of this procedure, from start to finish. By undertaking to process all the stages of the ship’s supply we implement safe and verified methods, which we have acquired through years of experience, in order to ensure a guaranteed result at the lowest possible cost, undertaking simultaneously full responsibility, no questions asked.

Our guaranteed services can of course be limited to specific stages of the total ship’s supply procedure, when this is preferred by our clients. We are more than happy to co-operate with “third parties” in offering individual services such as “ship agency”, “forwarding”, ”customs clearances” and whatever other services might be requested.

“FRONT LINE Forwarding & Agency LTD’s experience of the world circuit, its specialized and internationally recognized verifications along with the expertise of its network’s staff, can ensure the safe and guaranteed delivery “ on board the vessel” in most ports all over the world, including Greek ports, at a very competitive cost.