WALLEM GROUP was chosen as a strategic partner in China by the Board of Directors of FRONT LINE Forwarding & Agency.

The cooperation was made official in October 2016 and it concerns the exclusive representation of FRONT LINE Forwarding & Agency Ltd in China by WALLEM GROUP who will be providing Logistics, Forwarding and Agency services of leading quality on our behalf.

Moreover, the two companies agreed to proceed in a new business collaboration. Henceforth, FRONT LINE Forwarding & Agency Ltd will be representing WALLEM GROUP in Greece.

It is noteworthy that the management of FRONT LINE Forwarding & Agency has repeatedly stressed the fact that that the optimization and the simultaneous extension of the network of the company in the Asian market, constitutes a leading objective. As clarified by the Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Kakepakis Manolis, this collaboration will increase the already big spectrum of the activities of FRONT LINE Forwarding & Agency in the wider region of China, while at the same time it will lead to a dynamic and qualitative improvement of actions.